We created a consistent brand identity across all platforms for better user engagement, brand recalling & conversions


This case study will highlight the importance of creating consistent brand identity using graphics for results across all marketing channels. This study is over Ashoka Dry Fruit Mart, one of the biggest retailers of premium quality dry fruits based out in Tilak Nagar, New Delhi & Dwarka, New Delhi. The study would depict the important role of graphics in today’s booming online world to make your brand recalled by your targeted users.


Ashoka Dry Fruit Mart is a well known dry fruit brand in India established since 1965. They are the biggest player in the market to offer a wide and exclusive range of products like dry fruits, ayurvedic products, imported seeds and berries, murabbas, kirana items and puja path items.

Ashoka Dry Fruit Mart is very famous brand among the local audience. Now, they are growth online to cater the audience in more convenient & efficient way. They have a website wherein all products are listed. They are present on all social media handles to connect with the audience in the most relevant way. But there were not getting a good response and people were unable to connect whether they are the same company (Ashoha Dry Fruit Mart) or difference. The audience was unable to trust their online presence. The online turnout was not coming as they expected. They tried a lot to gain the same speed like offline but failed at every time.


“Created Brand Consistency Across All Platforms To Gain The Brand Recall Value Among The Target Customer”

We got to know about Ashoka Dry Fruit Mart via a random research. After analyzing their online presence & challenges, we thought to connect with them to discuss the issue. After connect with the owner, we explained the reason why you are unable to build the same trust as offline as your brand depiction is different when we compare online & Offline.

We told that your online brand identity is giving a different picture then your offline identity (Shop). Graphics used on the shop were completely different from the graphics used on their website & social media. The creatives used to post on social media were very cluttered with low graphic quality.

We initiated by making a good logo for the company to establish the stepping stone of the brand. Post making the logo, we took charge to re-vamp the website by doing the following amendments:

  • Improving the user interface
  • Improving the quality & style of graphic
  • Highlighted the brand specific colors
  • Making it a lead generating machine
  • Marketing optimized
  • Eye & brand friendly graphics

After the website, we moved on social media marketing to engage the users directly. We created & deployed a new strategy based on competitor analysis, facts & insights highlighting the festivals, offers & services with high quality creatives. The strategy was follow across all  platforms to maintain brand consistency & uniformity.

After views the consistency in the brand by using specific colors & guidelines, we asked us to re-do the packaging. We re-designed all the brand stationery by adding the same brand guidelines for better uniformity. We designed:

  • Zip Lock Packets
  • Product Sticker
  • Boxes
  • Carry Bags
  • Flex
  • Hooding
  • Visiting Cards
  • Envelopes
  • Writing pads
  • Decorative Ribbons

All such graphical amendments influenced the audience to re-gain the trust on the brand. Multiple third party integration & tie ups were also initiated post creating the brand identity. The online engagement & conversion improved by 30%. Social media posts started reaching 100% more aggressively than the old post. Users started to compliment them over the new designs & brand image. Our strategy to create a consistent brand guidelines & identity was a success for the client.


The client was so happy with the type of graphics & stationery we designed for them. Social media organic results went up by 35%. Setting the brand identity consistent turned out the best decision for the brand as it helped them achieve the desired online goals with better results & conversion.