Re-vamping the website for better engagement


This case study is to measure the website’s performance in terms to the Graphic, User Interface (U/X) & Traffic results ( This study would compare between the phases when the website was graphically low, the built technology was outdated, to the phase when it got re-vamped with high resolution graphics & new looks.


The Fountainers, is operating as a manufacturer, supplier, importer and exporter of Fountains Projects, Nozzles & Accessories, Swimming Pools/ Jacuzzis, Outdoor LED Lighting, Lake Revivals, Fiber Optics, AMC/Support, etc. Our product range is inclusive of Jet Fountains, Custom Water Fountain and Designer Fountain. They are known for their seamless finish, energy efficiency, trouble-free operations, durability and latest design.

The goal was to promote their brand & website online. They only had a website and were trying to build their network on various social handles but they were not getting satisfactory results. They were facing major errors like:.

  1. Page Loading Time: 8 – 10 sec
  2. The pages were unable to load due to use of old technology like Flash, HTML 2
  3. The bounce rate was over 50%

So, they were desperately seeking assistance to fill this gap which is hampering their online presence. Also they were so occupied with their core business that scheduling time for this was also difficult. Also due to non updated website, they were unable to share the link with their clients.


They approached us and explained their problem with the website. Our research concluded that the website require re-vamping as it is not made in the correct manner. So, we proposed them to get a new WEBSITE which is better in user interface, more engaging & interactive, with eye friendly graphics.

While designing & developing the new website, we considered every single attribute which would make the website clean, advanced & user friendly. The website was made using the latest technology “PHP & JavaScript” , all pages were designed keeping in mind the Brand Colors & Guidelines with specific heads like Portfolio, Latest Work, Clientele, etc. Call to action buttons was placed to churn visitor’s information. The website has to be matching as per the brand class and reputation. The website turned out exceptionally well. Below the image of the new website:


The results were shocked. The look of the website was 200% better than the old website. The bounce rate drastically dropped from 50% reduced to 10%. Earlier it use to take 8-10 sec to load a page but now the loading time was not even 1 sec. The Average session duration increase by 40% within one month.


The client was immensely happy with the performance of the new website. Easy user interface & graphics can get you the best results.