Re-designed the website for increased traffic & reduced bounce rate


This case study is to quantify & measure the website results and traffic status on the website This study would give a comparison between the phases when the website was graphically low with poor marketing, and when it got re-vamped with high resolution graphics, new looks with marketing ready content. This study would also throw light on the strategies which were adopted to give mesmerizing results in the latter stage.


Mr. Sumit Kharbanda is a world renounced Magician/Illusionist from over 20+ years. He has been accredited with “Digital illusionist”, “Jadu Ratna” & “Master of Stage Illusions” by Government of Indian and media houses. He holds the post of president of ‘Indian Brotherhood of Magicians’ (The Central Executive Society of Indian Magicians) where he promotes Magic as an art. He is a master of Grand Illusions, Walk around illusions, Mind Reading, Ipad Magic, n lot more.

His goal was to promote him as a brand online. He had a website and was in practice to grow online via various mediums like Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation, n lot more but he was not getting satisfactory results. The Drop off rate was 40% which was very high and thesite menu was also poorly navigated and many other problems. Below is the layout of his old website:

He was actually looking for some assistance from some professionals who can sort this problem and could show him results.


He came to us and explained his problem with the website. We did a research and our report concluded that his website require re-vamping as it is not made correctly. So, we proposed him to get a new WEBSITE which is marketing friendly, engaging & interactive with apt content & eye friendly graphics.

While developing the new website, we have kept in mind the targeted customer’s interest areas so that the information is just a click away. We also considered every single attribute which would make the website more interactive & user friendly. All pages were optimized & equipped with necessary call to action buttons which can churn visitors into leads. All activities were strategist & applied on the website for maximum ROI. Special attention was kept on the design and layout. The website has to be perfect as his skills. The website turned out exceptionally well. Below the image of the new website:


The results were outstanding post launching the new website. The drop off rate which was 50% reduced to 1%. The navigation got synchronized. The Average session duration increase by 20% within one month.


The client was immensely happy with the performance of the new website. Easy user interface & graphics can get you the best results.