6 Points Every Logo Must Have

Logos are synonymous of to businesses. A good logo is simple, distinctive, unique and appropriate that conveys the messages.

  1. Simple yet memorable design: A good logo should be simple and memorable. Complicated logos confuse the audience. The logo should be versatile to draw audience’s attention. A simple and appropriate logo is always memorable.
  2. Can be printed on all patterns: A good logo should be versatile enough that can be printed in all colors, can be scaled at any size and should be able to work with both vertical and horizontal formats. One must take printing cost into consideration while designing a logo as the more colours you use; the more expensive it will be for business.
  3. Unique design: A good logo should solve the purpose of the business. Logo should be unique and self-explanatory. A good logo should define the company it symbolizes.
  4. Logo reflects personality of the company: Logo builds a strong connection between your business and your design to the audience. Your business requires a logo that truly represents its core values.
  5. Never let people confuse about your brand: Your logo should be meaningful enough that it should not confuse the audience about your brand. Logos should not always have to say what the business sells or offers. A logo is only for identification.
  6. Your logo must look professional: a non-professional logo can look disastrous. A logo must look professional and appropriate for your business. Focus on brands rather than on trends.
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