Improved social media graphics & strategy resulted in better online engagement & conversion


This case study is on one of the popular late night food chains in Delhi NCR. This study will showcase the social media strategies adopted by the company to make it a successful brand among the targeted group & audience. This study would also highlight the importance of social media creative & posting for better engagement & turnout.


Midnight heroes is one of the best late night food delivering chain in Delhi NCR. They have been operating offline since several years from Vikaspuri, New Delhi. They have got multiple kitchens in various part of Delhi to serve the food blazingly fast.

After accomplishing the offline sales, they were planning to expand the setup online. They build all online assets & handles with all details but the results were not even at all satisfactory. The major issue with their online strategy was they were unable to showcase their USP as a late night food delivery chain. They hired many agencies to support then in creating a niche market for them but all were unable to understand the expectations & goals. Overall the online presence was gone for a toss.


They came up to us and explained all the challenges that they were facing with their online brand. After analyzing the complete situation, we got to know that the initial research for setting up the brand & channels were not done correctly. Plus the medium used to engage with the online audience was not right.

We re-designed the campaigns followed with all creative & videos to give it a specific & precise look for better brand awareness & brand recall. From logos to all social media banners, all were re-designed keeping in mind the nature of the business & the need of an hour. The social media strategy included the following type of content:

  • Creative
  • Video
  • GIF
  • Info-graphics
  • News/Latest Updates

Social media marketing with uniquely designed graphics helped them reach the expected audience in very short time span. All posts were eye & brain friendly highlighting special offer & promotions schemes in the right manner. The strategy behind making such neat graphic & engaging creative is to make if simple & interesting for the users by highlighting the right objective at right time.


The result was astonishing. The engagement was more than 80% on their social handles. The percentage of getting organic like increased by 30%. The reach of each creative went up to more than 2,000. They also started getting orders from the social handles.