6 Common Mistakes While Going For Logo Design

Logo is the most important aspect of any brand. Its intention is to depict the personality of any brand. Creating a unique and memorable loo is a challenging task to distinguish your company from various competitors. Logo design is tough and its motive is to convey what the company is.

  1. Hiring an amateur: Avoid your design to look amateurish. Avoid websites that promote the cheap logo packages. Professionals design professional logos. Business owners invest a lot of time and money in the equipment; however they do not spend much in designing a logo. Local printers are not efficient in logo designing. Your business would also look non-professional, if your logo looks non-professional. Hiring a professional and established logo designer is beneficial to the business.
  2. Relies on trends: A well-designed and unique logo always remains with you and it is also timeless. A professional will create a unique logo that should ignore the logo trends. Getting a good logo would mean that it should last for years, not for seasons.
  3. Using raster images: Using raster or bitmap images can cause problems while reproduction. The best way to design the logo is by using vector graphics software, like Adobe Illustrator or Corel draw. If you use raster or bitmap image it will be pix-elated and will cause problems while printing. Using vector graphics software can make the editing of the logo easier and the logo can be scaled without losing its quality.
  4. Buying from shutter stock will not give your business a unique look: A logo should be unique and original. Using licensed stock vector graphics in logo can put your business at risk. It means that logo is being used by someone else somewhere in the world and it is not unique anymore.
  5. Trying of own: A professional will always stick to brand brief document and follow the instructions you may be biased for. Stay focused on the client’s requirements by sticking to the brief. Do not unnecessarily use a new font or a new design that do not match the client’s requirements.
  6. Complex designs will lose details when you reduce the size of logo: Complex designs can lose details when printed in small sizes, it may look worse or a mistake. A logo should be simple and memorable, not complex that can be reproduced at any size.
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